TahKole Fitness

Check out my company with my amazing husband and the hundreds of people we have helped lose over two TONS with our Fat Furnace 21. 

 TahKole’s mission is to guide people on their individually chosen paths: clear of mind, physically and emotionally sound, out of the way of unnecessary harm, out of the hospital (unless absolutely necessary) and as fully functional as individually possible. We work to achieve this through alignment of the physical body with the individual’s beliefs, life goals, career paths, family desires/structure and daily life processes. Our methods of alignment include strategic personal alignment guidance and coaching, fitness guidance/training  and nutritional alignment.

TahKole envisions that alignment is realistic and reachable through

“The Five Investments of Alignment”

  1. Time

  2. Effort

  3. NuHydrOxy (Nutrition, Hydration, Oxygenation)

  4. Movement and Rest/Relaxation

  5. Guidance

Our Vision

     TahKole’s has a vision for all people: a vision that they can and will find alignment on their individual paths on the road of life.

     This vision expands beyond merely following a road already paved. It expands to where individuals can and will find or create their own lanes on that road. Once on their own lanes, the process of alignment will keep them on the paths they are continuously and actively creating no matter what obstacles might be placed in front of them nor what direction they decide to shift in. This vision considers the wide diversity of humanity and the deeply ingrained and often overlooked need for individuality. Every person’s path is unique and should be respected, accepted and nurtured as such. The will of society should never crush or detract the will of the individual to pursue alignment in the way he/she sees fit. Personal alignment will find everyone where they should be: and that is right where they decide to be. If the path is a simple one or a complicated one, it makes no difference. Be it a small dirt road in the wilderness or a super highway in a metropolis; alignment will be a guide to assist in maintaining balance and quality of life’s experiences. We envision TahKole being a world leader in Strategic Personal Alignment; guiding people to identify what their alignments look like and how to make personal alignment a reality.

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